Museums, exhibitions and collections in Kamenz

The museum landscape in Kamenz is amazingly extensive and diverse for a city of its size, ranging from the Museum of Literature, via the Sacral Museum through to the Countryside Museum. All these institutions not only maintain the past, but also contribute to an understanding of the present.
The Lessing Museum in Kamenz
Panoramaansicht des Ausstellungsraumes im Lessing-Museum. Verschiedene Gemälde Lessings hängen an den Wänden. Links steht eine große Lessing-Skulptur. Im Mittelpunkt drei Gänge mit Ausstellungsstücken.
Since 2011, the Museum of Literature, established in 1931, has presented a new permanent exhibition in Lessing's birthplace. It is dedicated to the eventful life and multi-faceted work of the enlightener and poet – based on numerous first editions, engravings and small sculptures. Desk installations create an emotional access to each of his life situations. Here you can find out why the German Enlightenment and Theatre is absolutely unimaginable without Lessing. A large section is given over to selected dramas, theoretical writings and "Nathan the Wise". Visitors will encounter both Lessing's friends and his adversaries. Those who want to find out what the courageous seeker after truth of our time still has to say, will also strike it rich. Opposite the museum is the Röhrmeisterhaus (timber master's house).  In Lessing's lifetime, this was the site of a woodyard where all the wood for building and fuel was stored. This is where the timber master, who was responsible for the city's water pipes, lived. Today it houses an event room and offices.
St. Annen Monastery Church & Sacral Museum
St. Annen is a rather special sacral museum and consecrated church – all rolled into one. Here you can experience art of European significance in its regional roots and living religious references. Alongside sacral art treasures, an ensemble of five late-Gothic carved altars – unique within a wide radius – are presented, whose magnificent staging in harmony with the impressive church interior casts an unforgettable magic. The Monastery Church was built between 1493 and 1512. It initially belonged to the Franciscan (Observers) Brotherhood Monastery in Kamenz. After the Reformation, St Annen was used for worship by the Protestant Sorb community up to 1926. The museum exhibition has been on display since the summer of 2011.
West Lusatian Museum
Here you can undertake an expedition through seven fascinating theme worlds and discover the most important landscape designers in the world – human beings and nature. Travel on a journey back in time – on the earthquake simulator, in the geological construction market, at the woodland concert of birds, at mysterious archaeological finds. Hear tales of Kamenz from the old days, discover new things – either in fascinating special exhibitions or exciting tours and museum-educational programmes. The family-friendly Elementarium (also suitable for the handicapped) offers you even more on the historical ambience of the Ponickauhaus (housing the museum) and Malzhaus (housing the permanent exhibition on the city's history)! Relax in the Wintergarten Café, explore the Botanical Garden or pursue your curiosity in the museum shop and the specialist library. In addition, the West Lusatian Museum also possesses a display depot well worth seeing – the Sammelsurium (place of eclectic collections).
Kinder schauen durch ein Mikroskop im Museum der Westlausitz und betrachten die Exponate in starker Vergrößerung. Beispiel für einen Besuch im Museum der Westlausitz.