Red Tower

The 32-metre high Red Tower, formerly a fortified watch tower, is a remnant of the Pulsnitz Gate and contains 117 steps. As the name implies, this road leads to the town of Pulsnitz, 12 km distant. In times of war, city gates were particularly endangered. The defenders therefore attempted to protect them with additional walls and towers. In an emergency, a large number of marksmen could take up position on the tower. The tower also served as a municipal prison for prominent personages. Local bailiffs would lock up common villains in the Town Hall prison.

Blick von unten auf den Turm der Hauptkirche St. Marien mit blauem Himmel

Tower of Hauptkirche St. Marien (Parish Church)

St. Mary's is an old church dating back to the 15th century. It replaced a previous church on the site dating back to the Romanesque Era, which had become too small. If you look at the tower, you can recognise the most important construction phases: the basement of the tower consists of a quadratic structure over 20 metres high. This on its own gives the impression of an enormous fortified tower. This was the predominant architectural style in the Early Middle Ages. At that time, a church was intended to provide protection against the powers of evil. In the High and Late Middle Ages, however, people's attitudes had changed. Now people wanted to feel the presence of God. The Gothic style of architecture now dominant proved far more suitable in this regard. People were now striving upwards to heaven. The St. Mary's Church Tower thus received two new levels built in this style. The spacious Gothic windows are well visible. Other master architects immortalised themselves in the white upper level structure. At the end of the 18th century, the tower was completed in the baroque style. In addition, a lantern – still visible today – was set on the tower.

The Lessing Tower

There has always been a good view to be had from the highest point of the Hutberg hill. But how much better to have an observation tower! This was probably the thought of 15 prominent citizens of Kamenz. In order to erect a tower there, they established a committee in 1858. Following six arduous years, their efforts were rewarded. It was finally possible to inaugurate the tower. By 2005, however, time had taken its toll of the Lessing Tower. Moreover, in the meantime the beech forest on the crown of the hill had grown so high as to restrict the view from the tower. Two birds were therefore killed with one stone by adding an extra 6 metres in height to the tower as part of the planned renovation. The modern steel and glass platform now provides a view extending far and wide – as in the old days.


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